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by Foreign/National


When we fetishise the glow of old film or the sound of dust on a record, our reasoning tends to involve a lengthy argument about fidelity and truth. In reality, that warmth is generally a technical accident perfectly resembling the way we each shape our memories, good or bad.

Each instant is heightened and filtered; rewritten eternally to form something far from the truth. Our version of things.

On Always Blue, Foreign/National have found a way to tell that lie: to wrap themselves in something easier than the facts, twisting and turning through the best of love’s suffering.

Produced with King Gizzard & The Lizard’s Joey Walker and mastered by Andrei “Ony” Eremin, Always Blue is a lullaby for the frustrated.

Touching on 1960s Bossa Nova while retaining the band’s signature crunch, the first single from the band’s upcoming two-track EP drags us into a toxic, romantic head-spin - surrounding the listener with mocking riffs and floating harmonies as it grinds forward.

Always Blue is a moment of pain given clarity by hypnotic melody: a story told over and over until it makes perfect sense.

Mixed by Foreign/National & Joey Walker
Mastered by Andrei Eremin
Artwork by Alex Jennings