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by Darcy Baylis


By the time Melbourne artist Darcy Baylis finished high school he’d released a 7” single, an acclaimed LP, remixes for artists such as Oscar Key Sung and toured his live show nationally under his moniker: Naminé. Now, he’s ready for a new day.

Over time, Baylis has heard his earlier infatuation with alternative R&B masters like How To Dress Well and Autre Ne Vuet make way for new influences, ranging from the Steve Reich he studies at university by day to the Omar S he basks in at night. There is, however, no confusion in the final product of these experiments.

Though his loves may be mined from disparate sources, Baylis’ How Can I Live?/Ecstasy EP has tilted toward a stylistic approach more comfortably bathed in strobe light than in the static glow of a laptop in bed: an assured result of his desire to tap into club music’s kinetic foundations.

Lyrically, Baylis’ lens remains inwardly focused — sharp and unforgiving. Excited by the notion of exploring themes not traditionally dominant in house and techno, Baylis employs their inherently pragmatic forms as starting points.

Each arrangement is rhythmically constant but smeared with personal chaos: the protagonist’s mental states phasing between disorder and clarity as the listener clings to the pulse as a guide.

It’s perhaps entirely appropriate that even at its energetic peaks Baylis’ work is underscored with a sense of dread. While grounded fiercely in the present, each track reads as a moment-to-moment account of a world filtered through anxious eyes: always considered and reconsidered retrospectively.

How Can I Live?/Ecstasy is an honest, accomplished piece of work; a new chapter for an artist looking back to move forward.


Written, produced and mixed by Darcy Baylis
Mastered by Andrei "Ony" Eremin
Artwork by Tom Hancocks